Friday, August 19, 2011

Anyone still here?????

I have been plagued by computer problems the past few months. My laptop screen died, so I bought a new desktop. Within a few weeks I was having problems with it. My sweet friend Karalyn loaned me her old laptop (I have been taking some online classes to be "highly qualified" to teach 6th grade math in September). Well, the power cord snapped in half. So I ordered a new one. It came quickly, but then her screen died. Seriously. Now my desktop is being sent back to the manufacturer for some repairs. I love when things break and they are still under rarely happens for me.

But I do have a lot to say and a lot of photos to post. Hopefully someone is still around to read it. I know Sarah will be...she just bugged me on Sunday and told me I'd better post something soon.

So, Sarah (and anyone else who is still listening), give me a couple of weeks and my desktop should be back home. Then I promise to post photos and updates!!