Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas for Little D

My sweet friends Brian and Lynne are missionaries in Uganda. I have been blessed to stay with them on each of my trips there. They are wonderful!

It turns out that Little D lives just a stone's throw from their home, so Lynne has gone to visit twice. Today, she took her three kids and they delivered Christmas to my Sweet Baby Girl!

Lynne's kids went through their toys and each picked out something to give D. Lynne took some clothes and food, too. What a blessing!! Little D has been sick, so she didn't quite feel like smiling today. Doesn't matter...she's still beautiful!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Error...

Don't you hate it when you get a great present--something you've really been wanting--and when you open it, it's defective?

When I reread my letter outlining details for my fingerprinting appointment, I realized that my roommate isn't listed on the form. And it clearly states that every adult in the house must be listed. Ugh! The form shows that I have paid for 2 people have to be fingerprinted, but then lists only one! It also says that if someone is not listed, I have to contact the immigration office before proceeding. Ugh!

The really annoying thing is that my roommate is moving out at the end of January so that I can get little D's room ready. But at the time of the homestudy, I didn't know when that would be, so she is written up as a tenant in my house--which requires her to be fingerprinted. Ugh!

Good thing I know my God is in control of all these details. He knows what is best for both of us, and so I will trust Him. At least I'll try to. :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Belated Christmas Present!!

Has it seriously been just 3 weeks since I sent in my I-600a application? It feels like forever...but today I got the letter for my fingerprinting appointment! Although it's not an appointment, per se. I can go any time this week--and it's still Christmas vacation! God's timing is so perfect!

I am constantly reminded of God's perfect love for Sweet Baby Girl. He loves her more than I ever will, and He has a beautiful plan for her life! I am so blessed that I get to be a part of it, and to watch firsthand as it unfolds.

I sat in our Wednesday night church service with some of my nieces and nephews. My five year old niece is just dying for D to get here...she'll finally have a cousin her age! We were talking about one of the ushers who is from Kenya. I explained that his country was right near where D lives. My niece turned to me and whispered, "Hey, why don't we ask him to go get her for us?"

During Christmas dinner, one of my 3 year old nieces was sitting next to me. She looked up at me with her big eyes and asked, "Why did you leave D at home?" I explained to her that D wasn't at my house yet. I love that all the cousins are already caring about her!

Christmas Day was a little strange for me. My nieces and nephews are such sweet and grateful kids. I am blessed beyond measure to be their auntie! I loved watching all of them opening their presents. But MY girl was missing from the picture, and my heart longed for her.

Soon, Sweet Baby Girl!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Okay, so I'm pretty well convinced that I have the best attorneys in the world...not just in Uganda.

They have yet to see a dime (I wired the first payment forever ago, but it is still processing--go figure!) and even so, they have been working tirelessly to get things done.

Things like:
*measuring Sweet Baby Girl's height so I can buy a few clothing items for her
*emailing messages back and forth from Sweet Baby Girl to me and vice versa
*applying for Sweet Baby Girl's passport
*arranging for a probation officer (more like a social worker) visit tomorrow to verify the situation for the Ugandan court

Did I mention that they haven't been paid yet?

I love these two ladies! Lord, thank You for Dorah and Rebecca!!

Now, if the Department of Homeland Security could just step it up a notch, we'd be in business. I emailed them Friday morning (the website statement "You will receive a response within two business days" is a joke), called yesterday evening and left a message, and am still hoping Congressman Ed Royce will pull some strings (I voted for him twice, so I think he owes me!).

Even without the paperwork done, it will be a very Merry Christmas for me!! Just knowing that soon my little girl will be in my arms is enough of a present for me...oh, and by the way, her name means "Gift." Yup, a Merry Christmas indeed!

Monday, December 7, 2009

So my I-600A, the Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition, was received. Today I got a very official looking envelope in the mail. I ran into the house, so excited! I just knew it was going to be information on my fingerprinting date.

And then I saw it. Rejection Notice.

The form read:

"Your I-600A is being returned to you for the following reason:

The check amount was incorrect, or has not been provided."

Yeah, right. I am 100% positive I put that check in there. Did I add the total wrong? No, I double checked my math beforehand. Twice. I was in full panic mode. Until I noticed a second page stapled behind the first. It was a letter which read:

"Dear Applicant,
Due to a system problem, your attached notice was printed in error. It indicates that your application has been rejected. However, your application has been received and forwarded for further processing."

Geez. Talk about giving a girl a heart attack! For Pete's sake, can't they print out the form again? The right form? And why in the world couldn't they put the letter on TOP of the erroneous rejection notice??? Got to love the government.

On a happier note, little D asked the attorney, "When is Mummy coming for me?" The attorney told her I was working to get all the paperwork ready, and D's response was to say, "I'll pray to God that all goes well." Sweet Baby Girl is a prayer warrior!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This morning I got the last bit of information I need to feel confident in moving forward with this adoption. Sweet Baby Girl, I'm coming!!