Monday, March 14, 2011

Heard At My House

So tonight, amidst my busy-ness from coming off a full day at work and trying to get dinner ready, I nearly missed a precious moment with Dorie. She really wanted to have a tea party...I really didn't. I almost told her no. But the Lord prompted me and gave me the strength to say yes. At first I told her we'd just have juice. I could see the disappointment on her face, so I went ahead and made a small bit of tea. She filled up her tiny sugar bowl. She asked me for some milk for the pitcher. And maybe a treat? (Before dinner??? But I pulled out two Oreo cookies). As we sat drinking our tea, our conversation went like this:

Dorie: Mommy, would you like some more tea?

Me: Oh, yes, please. It's delicious.

Dorie: Thank you! While we're drinking our tea, let's write about what we like best about our tea party.

Me: Okay.

And this is what she wrote:

"I love being with my mommy."

Can you believe I almost passed that up??????

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Confession and Heard At My House

I have a confession. Kind of embarrassing, actually. You know how I was waiting to see who was visitor number 20,000? Well, I knew it was getting close, so I jumped over to check and...

It was me. I was number 20,000. Duh. How embarrassing.

I never heard from 19,999 or 20,001, so the t-shirt will go to my sweet friend Yvana (#20,002)!

And just to throw something fun:
Yesterday afternoon, Dorie climbed up on my lap. She gave me a hug and...

Dorie: Mom, thank you.
Me: For what?
Dorie: For everything. For my bed, and my room, and all my toys, and for making me dinner. And mom?
Me: Yeah?
Dorie: Thank you for adopting me.