Friday, September 30, 2011

One Happy Girl!

We found a delicious East African restaurant very near our house. Though the food was technically Kenyan, there was enough crossover that I had one happy little girl! And I was one happy mama with my cup of African I miss that!This is the face of a tortured child...they brought out the food, but no plates. She had to wait and it was painful!!
So thankful for special friends who love exposing their kids to new cultures! Robyn and I have been friends since college. The kids had a blast together. The adults did, too, by the way!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Soccer Season

Dorie's second season of soccer has begun. She absolutely loves it! We are so thankful that she has many of the same teammates from her spring team. They are a welcoming, sweet bunch of families. Dorie really loves the girls and I really enjoy hanging out with the other moms so we are both happy. There is even another little girl who is adopted, which Dorie thinks is just so great!

Apparently Dorie is a naturally gifted's a sweet thing to have other parents approach me to comment on how well she plays. I've even had one parent offer to personally coach her in track and field!

I must say I love soccer season. I am one proud mama!

And here they are (can't miss them, really)... the Glow Kix!