Monday, May 31, 2010

Heard At My House

We have made great friends on this journey. Some have been waiting longer than us and are still not yet going home. One of Dorie's favorite people is a 14 year old boy named Laz who is still waiting. Last night, Dorie was a little out of sorts as she went to bed. Here is why:

Me: Dorie, are you sad or just tired?

Dorie: I'm sad.

Me: Why?

Dorie: Because I want Laz go to America first. He is late.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I can't believe it. Dorie got her visa today. It is surreal.

Yesterday at 4pm I was told the file was still being worked on in Nairobi. Today at 8:15am I received a call from the Embassy here in Kampala saying they could issue the visa today, and at 1pm I was holding Dorie's visa in my hand. I am beyond excited!

The ride is almost over. We're going home.

Please continue to pray for the families who are still waiting. It is bittersweet to be going home while some of my friends and their children are not.

Just for the record, God is no more faithful today than He was yesterday, last week, or even last month. He is just plain faithful all the time! I am rejoicing in Him!

Monday, May 24, 2010

God is Still Good

You know, things are not always what we want them to be. In my life, God has allowed me to wait for the "big" things--husband, house, children... but through that waiting, He has proven His faithfulness.

So now that I have been in Uganda for 14 weeks (yes, that's three and a half months!) and visas are being issued to other families but not to us, I rest in Who I KNOW my God is. I trust His character. He is Good.

During this time, I am blessed to be able to teach my daughter some of what I have learned about God. She is watching me. She listens to things I say. She is learning more about Who God is. She is learning to trust Him.

Yesterday we were talking with a sweet 15 year old who is staying with us while her parents fight for her in America. She was having a hard day, and I watched as Dorie stood up and spontaneously prayed over her. It was a short prayer in broken English, but I have to say, was probably the sweetest prayer I have ever heard.

My girl is learning to love Jesus more. If that is part of what this wait is about, it is well worth it.

In the meantime, I would welcome your prayers for strength to continue to wait on the Lord. I don't want to allow bitterness to creep in. I don't want to be overwhelmed with sadness. I don't want to lie awake at night worrying about what tomorrow will bring. I want to rest in the Lord's promise--and He promises that His plans for us are for good and not for evil, so I know that this wait is good.
This bracelet was my first Mother's Day gift...Dorie borrowed money from someone to buy it for me as a surprise! I don't think she even knew it was Mother's Day, but it still was special!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sorry for being so quiet lately. It's not for lack of wanting to post, but I haven't had much internet access the past week. Now I have to take a boda boda to an internet cafe, and it's hot and crowded...not a place for my sweet-but-oh-so-curious-and-active little one. I've left her at the guest house with the girls there, but both times when I got back she had been crying for me. Today she decided to try again (she was playing solitaire on my iPod), so I risked it and decided to take time to write a post. Hopefully I won't return to a tear-stained face this time (though I have to admit, I LOVE that she misses me that much after just one hour!).

My file has officially arrived in Nairobi, and I'm praying for some good news soon. We are keeping busy in the meantime, spending time with other adoptive families and taking little outings. There's only so much to do in a guest house...

So Friday we're planning to go out to Jinja again, just for the day. We're going to pack out the car with teenagers who are being adopted but whose families have had to return home to America without them. Should be a great time!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good News and a Heard At My House

My file is now in Nairobi awaiting the adjudication process...that's just a fancy term that means somebody's going to make an official decision on our visa application. The process can take 30-60 days, though we've been assured it is almost always shorter than that. Praying that is the case for us.

So most of you know that by profession, I am a teacher for English Learners. I am finding such joy in watching Dorie's English develop so quickly! Every once in a while, though, we get these sweet moments that give me that gut-busting laugh...

Dorie: Mommy, can I have give me some juice, please?
Me: Yes, Dorie, but hang on a minute.
Dorie: Mommy, can I have give me some juice, please?
Me: Honey, I said yes. "Hang on a minute" means "I am coming" so you need to wait, okay?
Dorie: (sigh) But Mommy, I don't know Spanish!!

Guess we've watched a few too many episodes of Dora the Explorer!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My 1st Mother's Day

What a special day! Lynne and I were talking about what to do today, and I said I just wanted it to be memorable. She looked and me and said, "You're celebrating your first Mother's Day in Uganda. I think it will be memorable." She's right!

Regardless of my location, we were able to come up with some fun activities, too. After church, we (Lynne, her kids, Dorie, and I) went out to lunch and then went bowling. Dorie was a riot! She just jumped up and down and yelled for everyone. She loved it! Her ball rolled about 0.0001 miles per hour down the lane, but it eventually got there...and more often than not, it knocked down a handful of pins. She was ecstatic!

After bowling Lynne dropped Dorie and me off at a salon for a little mommy-daughter time. We both got manicures and pedicures, though D wasn't really sure at first why we were paying people to wash our feet. :) My favorite part is the massage, so I relaxed and closed my eyes until I heard all the staff cracking up. I looked up to see Dorie imitating me with the cheesiest look on her face. I hope I didn't look like that!

We came home and Dorie wanted to jump rope. So much for the lovely nail polish on her big toe. A little bit later she came running up to me and stepped right onto my foot. So much for the lovely nail polish on my big toe. Welcome to motherhood, huh?

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are mothers. In the past, my brother-in-law told me that it was my day, too, for all of the "mothering" I had done as a teacher and auntie. So to those who are still waiting for your little ones, Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

I will post pictures tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Heard at My House

Me: Doreen, when you get to America everyone is going to call you Dorie, okay?
Dorie: Okay, Mom.
Me: And then we're going to add my last name, so you will be Dorie Minnix.
Dorie: Dorie Minnix?
Me: Yes, is that okay with you?
Dorie: Okay, Mom.


Dorie: Mom, can I watch tv for 5 minnix?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Heard At My House

She will hate me for this one day, but I can't resist this one...

Dorie: Mom, I want to poop!
Me: Okay, then, let's go...

Dorie (on the toilet): My tummy is paining me!
Me: Sorry, honey.


Me: Dorie, are you done?
Dorie: My bum is say I want to stay on the toilet!