Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School & Heard At My House

Dorie started Kindergarten this week. She absolutely loves school and loves her teacher! While everything seems to be going really well, yesterday she came home quite confused. Our conversation went like this:
Dorie: Mom, Mrs. E is no my teacher anymore.
Me: What do you mean?
Dorie: Mrs. E say she is no my teacher.
Me: Then who is your teacher?
Dorie: I don't know. I want Mrs. E be my teacher, but she say no.
Me: Dorie, I think you did not understand something. Tell me what Mrs. E said.
Dorie: She say, "I am no 'Teacher,' you call me Mrs. E."


  1. Dorie looks so precious Melissa! And is it just me or does her teacher look a little bit like you???

  2. She is so precious!!! I'm sure she will do great in school! I love her little toothless smile :)

  3. What a sweet photo. Here is a great tip that I did with all the kids. I took a picture at their kindergarten graduation and another when they graduated from high school. Then I photocopied the pictures (small), and made little picks that had each picture (kinder & high school), and put them on cupcakes. It was SO CUTE!!!!!

  4. That sweet girl!!! I just love it! So happy she is loving school!!!

  5. OOOOooohhh my goodness! I just found your blog and read the entire thing in, like, three hours! I cannot even TELL you how blessed I am by your story! I just love you and your precious daughter! You are PERFECT for each other! I love love love your constant faith in all situations you are faced with! I cannot WAIT to adopt! I've been waiting all my life to be a mom! (I'm 19.) I am hoping to volunteer at Amani Baby Cottage this coming summer! I will most DEFINITELY be loving on some orphans who are waiting for their forever mommies and/or daddies! You and your little girl are in my prayers!
    Love in Christ,