Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I had a long talk with the Director of the Amani Baby Cottage. It was a good conversation. The bottom line is that my application is being rejected because I am single. Now, before all of you jump up and down and cry, "Injustice!" let me explain their position.

They have so many applications right now that they are able to find enough 2-parent families for all of their babies. I think all of us would agree that two parents are better than one (at least I would). He in no way discouraged me from pursuing adoption, but did, in a sweet fatherly way, remind me of all the challenges of becoming a single parent. He cautioned me that the field of eligible men would be very limited--even more so than it is already!

He ended the conversation in prayer. Prayer that the Lord would direct me and open doors at Sanyu if that is the path He has for me. And that He would close doors if it's not. Prayer for my future husband. Prayer for my ministry. Prayer for my family.

Let me say I was blessed by our 45-minute conversation. I am not discouraged. I think my next step is to spend the week in Panama resting in the Lord, waiting to hear from Him. Once I get back, I will either start working toward my homestudy or start remodeling my house. :)


  1. Hi there, I just returned from Uganda and am trying to help find families for several orphans in the village of Birra, just outside of Uganda. I found your link on Jenna's blog, she is a friend of mine. Anyway, if you would like to talk, e-mail me.

  2. I'm glad you have the peace that you do. Your precious little one is simply living at another baby home now and God is making sure to steer you there. I am praying that He will make your path straight, expand your faith even more and sustain your fantastic attitude! Lisa

  3. Wow - I just found your blog (I can not remember how) but I think that your attitude is awesome and God will honor that!

  4. Oh you will get a baby and she will be perfect for you!!!