Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Days

I am blessed to have some pretty great friends. We met in college and have remained close throughout all these years...21 years! Wow! It's hard to believe. We've been friends for more than half our lives.

We've rejoiced together over weddings and babies, and this time, the rejoicing was for me! Such a sweet evening. Everyone brought their families, and in lieu of a traditional shower, they just held a welcome party for Dorie. She had a great time!

All the kids together (minus one). SO fun to see MY child in the group!

New friends!

Sunday at church someone gave Dorie a new book. She promptly gathered her cousins and instructed them to sit down on the floor of the cafe so she could "read" to them. They were very willing participants. I love, love, love moments like these!

Oh, and do you like Dorie's hair? My first attempt at a real style without braids. I was super proud of myself. She liked it, too.


  1. Great hair. God job mama. We have been singing Dorie's song about hair. The jiggety-jig one, and we would like to formally request a video of her singing it. Miss her. She looks so happy.

  2. We love afro-poofs too. I can't wait to try other styles on WR, her hairline has not grown in yet so we just do poofs. Have you joined the adoption hair and skin care group on Yahoo. They have wonderful ideas. I am so glad ya'll are home and having such a good time!!!!!

  3. It looks like a wonderful party! I cannot get over how much older Dorie looks already. She is such a sweet girl!

  4. How absolutely precious! I LOVE the picture of the two of you together! Such a happy little girl!

    and I love her new hairstyle too... good job!

  5. I love her cute hair! Glad you are both doing so well. What a blessing!