Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas for Little D

My sweet friends Brian and Lynne are missionaries in Uganda. I have been blessed to stay with them on each of my trips there. They are wonderful!

It turns out that Little D lives just a stone's throw from their home, so Lynne has gone to visit twice. Today, she took her three kids and they delivered Christmas to my Sweet Baby Girl!

Lynne's kids went through their toys and each picked out something to give D. Lynne took some clothes and food, too. What a blessing!! Little D has been sick, so she didn't quite feel like smiling today. Doesn't matter...she's still beautiful!


  1. I love your friends! What a blessing!

  2. Aww! beautiful!! So happy for little D! What a blessing!


  3. How awesome is our God that He would put your friend close to your daughter??? I am so tickled by this! I want you to know I would give anything to be present when you meet her, but I will settle for a very detailed account!

  4. Would like to purchase one of your t-shirts. Could you please give me information how to go about doing that.

  5. What precious friends! I know how special this was for not only Little D, but for your Momma's heart as well!