Monday, May 24, 2010

God is Still Good

You know, things are not always what we want them to be. In my life, God has allowed me to wait for the "big" things--husband, house, children... but through that waiting, He has proven His faithfulness.

So now that I have been in Uganda for 14 weeks (yes, that's three and a half months!) and visas are being issued to other families but not to us, I rest in Who I KNOW my God is. I trust His character. He is Good.

During this time, I am blessed to be able to teach my daughter some of what I have learned about God. She is watching me. She listens to things I say. She is learning more about Who God is. She is learning to trust Him.

Yesterday we were talking with a sweet 15 year old who is staying with us while her parents fight for her in America. She was having a hard day, and I watched as Dorie stood up and spontaneously prayed over her. It was a short prayer in broken English, but I have to say, was probably the sweetest prayer I have ever heard.

My girl is learning to love Jesus more. If that is part of what this wait is about, it is well worth it.

In the meantime, I would welcome your prayers for strength to continue to wait on the Lord. I don't want to allow bitterness to creep in. I don't want to be overwhelmed with sadness. I don't want to lie awake at night worrying about what tomorrow will bring. I want to rest in the Lord's promise--and He promises that His plans for us are for good and not for evil, so I know that this wait is good.
This bracelet was my first Mother's Day gift...Dorie borrowed money from someone to buy it for me as a surprise! I don't think she even knew it was Mother's Day, but it still was special!


  1. Aww Melissa. She loves you so much and she has come so far. And you are right, His plans are good. Love you guys so much and we will stay in this gap with you until you reach the other side.

  2. What a beautiful picture of you two! Continuing to pray for you daily!

  3. You are such a wonderful Mom to Dorie. I loved watching you with her... teaching her... loving her. She is so precious.

    I know God has a good and perfect plan for you and Dorie! I know that the "sweet 15 year old" is blessed to have you there with her!

    It was such a delight and blessing to meet you. I would love to be able to join you at Mambas Pizza!

    Praying that you will have endurance and be filled with joy while you wait to come home!

  4. Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful! Melissa, you are a WONDERFUL mother, can't wait to see where God leads you on this journey.