Monday, April 12, 2010

Heard at My House

I'm borrowing this idea from my friend Keltie. Kids say the funniest things sometimes, so every now and then I will post some of Dorie's best.

Here is our conversation last night:
Me: Dorie, you have to go to bed early tonight. You have exams tomorrow.
Dorie: (gasp and smile) I LOVE exams!
Me: You do?
Dorie: Yes! I want big exams! So big! Big from Liana's house to here.
Me: Dorie, do you know what exams are?
Dorie: Yes.
Me: What are they?
Dorie: (pause) No, I don't know, Mom. You tell me?


  1. Adorable! Sounds like you two are bonding beautifully! Praying for you...

  2. Too Funny! We should all have such enthusiasm for everything in life!

  3. Kids are so funny.....I have a girlfriend who keeps a journal for all her kids, of great things that they say. I think you just started yours.

    Big hugs to you guys.

  4. Melissa!!! I haven't checked in in awhile. Praying for you. You are a beautiful pair!!!!

  5. How do we order a shirt? I'd love one!!!