Friday, February 26, 2010

A Better Night!

Thanks for all the prayers. I think they are working! Last night the meltdown was much shorter and much less intense. We actually got to spend some good time relaxing before bed. Dorie sat with my mom and looked through photos of our family at home. Dorie is starting to remember names and has fun guessing who is who. After a while she climbed onto the bed with me and we read books for a while. Then she rolled over and put her head on the pillow. But she didn't close her eyes. I realized she was waiting for me (my mom and I were planning to work some crossword puzzles and enjoy a taste of Lynne's homemade apple crisp with ice cream after she fell asleep). So I laid down, but still Dorie didn't close her eyes. A few seconds later, she called, "Jjajja...!!" (Grandma). So my mom dutifully laid down, and Dorie's eyes closed. She was out in a matter of minutes. All night long she snuggled up to me, head on my shoulder, arms wrapped around my arm, and leg flung over my middle! (And yes, my mom and I managed to get back up and sneak our treats!)
This morning we had a fairly easy morning getting to school. Whew! As a teacher, it is so 6 days of school so far, she has been absent twice and late 3 times. And yesterday she didn't have her backpack or sweater. Today the headmaster told me that she is now nicknamed, "The daughter of the mzungu (white person)." That makes me sad for her. Hopefully today will be her last full day of school. Court is on Monday, and if things go well we will be busy all week with appointments (medical clearances, passports, and visas). Please keep praying!

Some potentially good news: I emailed the Embassy to let them know I was scheduled for court on Monday morning. She wrote back and asked me to send her my ruling and guardianship orders as soon as I had them so that she could review them and direct me on how to proceed. This is great! She didn't tell me, "Sorry, no visas!" So I am very hopeful today! Please keep praying! Another family has their visa appointment on Monday (same day that I will be in court). They had the same judge as I have, and if they can get their visa, that will be a huge advantage for us!!


  1. We are still standing with you in the throne room every day! Lots of love,
    Jim and Mirm

  2. Wonderful news, wonderful! Praising God, sister and praying!