Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There is a fungus among us...

And it's on me! Yikes! I had the same thing when I lived in Rwanda, but recently I found this fungus on my chest and realized I'd picked it up when hugging a child (who I later noticed had it growing on her head...no, not my child...no one you all know). It's pretty nasty, but I got medicine today. Hopefully it will be gone soon! Just thought you'd all like to know... hehehehe.

So, as promised, here are pictures from the outing to the zoo! There are no moats for these animals...they just come right on up! Wow! Can you see that Dorie is running away from that impala?!


  1. just want you to know you are loved and i am still praying... :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about the fungus.....at least there is medicine : )

    The zoo trip looked like fun for all!!! Praying daily for you!

  3. great pics!hope your fungus clears up soon!

  4. You guys look so great together! Such joy in both of your faces!

  5. Love seeing pictures of your precious girl having fun! Praying you get to bring her home SOON!

    Sorry about your fungus... :(

  6. Uck! Poor thing! Glad you could see a Dr. Eager to hear an update about anything new you've been able to work out these past couple days. God is so trustworthy! Today at BS we were reminded that our prayers go through Jesus to the Father and He 'perfects' them for us as our perfect high priest--knowing our hearts and the purposes God has for us-- keeping everything in line with His character and will, so everything turns out perfectly. Even as He answers sometimes differently than we pray, He has a powerful way to work His will and purpose in our lives for His glory so that He always answers us perfectly. How awesome to REST in that truth. I pray you are able to REST in Him as things wind down there. We love you and are praying for Dorie to be able to come with you!!!!!

    J :)