Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sunday morning at church was a sweet time of worship. As we sang some of the songs, I was struck by the truth of what I was singing.

"That's why we praise Him,
That's why we sing,
That's why we offer Him our everything!
That's why we bow down and worship this King,
Because He gave His everything!"

I can praise Him, not because this is easy (it's not, in case you were wondering!). I can praise Him, not because I am a good or strong person. I can praise Him, not because of any other reason than the fact that He gave everything for me! He willingly died on a cross for each one of us, simply because He loved us and there was no other way. Sin is so ugly, so horrible, so devastating, that only a perfect sacrifice could redeem us. And so Jesus came to this earth, lived a perfect life, and chose to go to the cross so that we could be reconciled to Him. What He endured for me is exponentially greater than anything I am going through! How, then, could I not praise Him?

Then we sang, "His banner over me is love..." I pictured myself standing with a beatiful banner displayed above me. It simply said, "Love." And I pictured myself renewed by the shade; I pictured myself standing, claimed as a child of God. I pray that whenever anyone looks at me, they don't see me. They don't see my "strength." I pray they see His banner of love, waving over me, covering me, protecting me, strengthening me. It is all about Him.

With Easter Sunday coming this week, I am so thankful for my Savior! If you don't know Him I pray you will ask someone who does. Easter...what a perfect time to seek Him! I'd love to chat with you if you are interested in knowing Jesus! My email address is: auntiesasa4@yahoo.com

By the way, we had a very good day at the courthouse yesterday. Hoping that we get some good news soon.


  1. when will you find out how your courtdate went yesterday? hoping you can bring your little girl home soon!

  2. Beautifully said! Rejoicing, with you, in the amazing gift of salvation! Praising Him, thanking Him! for choosing to die, so that we are reconciled to Him! Celebrating His resurrection, and the truth, that in Him we walk in freedom and victory! Hallelujah!!!

    Thinking of you and Dorie... will continue to pray that you are able to bring her home very soon!

  3. I don't know if you will read this in time (not sure of the time difference)....but

    I hope you and Dorie have a very special Easter together!!!!